The 76ers and Hawks are tied 1-1. Which team will win the series? | First Take

Published on Jun 9, 2021
The 76ers and Hawks are tied 1-1. Which team will win the series? | First Take
Max Kellerman and Kendrick Perkins debate whether the Atlanta Hawks or the Philadelphia 76ers will win the series.

0:00 The Hawks are going to win the series - Kendrick Perkins
1:30 Max explains why the 76ers will win the series.
3:40 Perk says Max needs his basketball card revoked.

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  • 0:00 The Hawks are going to win the series - Kendrick Perkins 1:30 Max explains why the 76ers will win the series. 3:40 Perk says Max needs his basketball card revoked.

    • @Murph the Kenzo Well the Hawks are home for a potential knockout punch in Game 6, can't skip that, right....RIGHT?

    • @Kevin Laguna Crying with trophy in hand possible.

    • I want to see crying embiid again.

    • @Palm Trees facts

    • Appreciate this... Easier to skip Perk and his horrible takes😂😂😂

  • Racist sports. You keep it

  • Lmao. Every time perk makes a bold prediction he ends up eating his own words. 😂😂😂😂

  • I’m glad Embiid ascended so the question of who’s team it is has been answered. If Simmons spends the summer getting his jumper + free throws they’ll be a beast of a team. But I doubt that’s ever happening. Shame.

  • I think Perkins took the basketball off his head too many times being underneath the rim he said the Hawks are going to win well last night curly proved to show that the Hawks don't have star power you need stars to win this game Trey Young's not a complete star he's a partial star he flops too much as in game 1 on the foul line

  • 2.8👍 768 comments #2 #8 Gigi Kobe 76ers #8 Kobe HomeTown ❤✝ snapped pic

  • Until I see otherwise playoff jams harden makes the nets a worse team

  • hes been talking up my sixers all year and we dropped game 1 and he jumped off the wagon?? he better not jump back on it!!!

  • Kellerman always schools perk but gets no respect. As usual kellerman is right and perk is wrong

  • Perk was only suppose to be an analyst as a joke. ESPN is running out of talent if they bringing Perk on its flagship show...h'e's horrible.

  • I feel dumber everytime I hear Perk talk.

  • KP such a moron man

  • Perk, make your own phrases, you can't just sit there and steal SAS one liners.

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  • If you think simmons cant handle durant just watch golf.

  • Perk is a different kinda stupid lol

  • Sixers is going to show up tonight

  • Perkins.. either an idiot or reading a script.

  • Well we know to go with the opposite of whatever Kendrick Perkins says. So 76ers in 5

  • Keep counting the A out it helps drive us

  • That boi getting fattttt

  • They dress up in suits and act like they are doing some important work in the world

  • Hawks must put in a guy on the bench we have yet to see..lets go HAWKS!!

  • Hawks time to shine, process been processing for to long.

  • Perk the green mile🤡

  • The 76ers have the best player with embid but i think the hawks have a better supporting team I really hope the hawks can win this series.. Our city deserve at least a trip to the conference finals

  • Perk, man, I ain't listening to you after this video until this series is over.

  • as a hawks fan, without deandre hunter it's difficult for me to see us pull it out, especially with embiid playing this well, but I think we'll always have a shot

  • Sixers will win it but I love how the Hawks are playing. Honestly Sixers is a better match up for the nets. If hawk's win its a quick sweep for the nets.

  • Max loves playing big bro little bro with Perk

  • Sadly without Hunter we don't stand that great a chance. Not impossible, but even more unlikely than when the series started

  • 76ers in 7, hawks win game 3, 76ers game 4, 76ers game 5, hawks game 6, 76ers game 7, book it

  • Hawks in 7

  • Perk 🤦🏾‍♂️ “Carry onl

  • Embid is a preferred beneficiary of bias, unfair officiating. Embid leads both games in free throw attempts. With game leading stats of 15 in Game 1 & 18 in Game 2. He benefits from Rivers political advocating, allowing physical fouls against the Hawks. Doc expressed limited foul calls. And complains. At the same time, Embid whines and demonstrates when he doesn't get the foul calls. Embid's illegal flopping is not being called. Every game he is elbowing, leaning & falling all over the defenders. Embid is the initiator of a lot of physical contact, Yet, he's the main guy getting all the cheap calls. A 280 lb, 7 footer being coddled by referees while falling all over defenders? With all the officials protection because he is supposedly hurt. Which is potentially why he is being pampered for precaution. Rivers has the unmitigated gall to complain about officiating. And so far it worked. Where is Doc's fine for post game criticizing officials. Nate got fined for stating a league preference fact. That the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver mischaracterized Nate as attempting to fire up his team, while disparaging NBA officials. Which is false. The Hawks didn't need to be fired up. They literally have been wiining at an amazing rate, the majority of their games since Nate's hiring. So that wasn't the reason for Nate's comment. Yet, for the Sixers, it's home cooking, officiating. Politics as usual. This is why Nate got fined for his earlier comments. To preemptively preventt & put the league & officials on notice. Nate was attempting to prevent the tendacy of allowing unfair officiating that benefits larger market franchises such as NY and Philly at the expense and detriment of smaller market teams such as Atlanta. Facts. Check the replays & stats of team fouls & prove where I have lied.. Nate needs to ADDRESS THIS TODAY. Force the referees to call the games fairly. Then force other Sixers other then Embid, namely Simmons, to make shots and free throws. And insure that the officials call the games fairly. The Sixers have been swaying the Refs against the Hawks from the beginning. Look at the DISPARITY in the FREE THROWS. This is NO ACCIDENT. Trae is still being fouled, while getting less attempts. The difference is, the Hawks and Trae make their free throws. Plus Embid is getting almost half his points from the charity stripe. This why he's the leading scorer. Simmons and the rest of the Sixers can't buy a free throw. This will be the difference in the series. Fair officiating willing, the Hawks will remain undefeated at home.

    • Someone is new to the sport of basketball… shh, don’t tell anyone, but: big men get fouled more because they play closer to the basket. 🤫

  • The Sixers are not losing to the Hawks.

  • Kept making runs? Sure, can go on a 30-0 run, but if you lose by 18! it doesn't matter.. Perk.. AND Simmonds, Green and Korkmaz combined for 9 pts, AND Milton avgd 13 ppg, not like it was an aberration.

  • This NBA series of the playoffs is the most remarkable NBA playoff series ever

  • Atlanta Hawks could win the NBA series ,,but,, they need to play basketball better of the NBA series

  • Philadelphia is more experienced for the NBA series win

  • "The Hawks made a run", So what about the Sixers making a run in game 1 to make it a 2 point game with 10 seconds remaining? But no, apparently the outcome of game 1 somehow guaranteed the Hawks will win the series

  • How perk played in the nba and still don’t know basketball

  • Perk my favorite no bias

  • This is not 2008 Perk.

  • S/O KP !!!! Go Hawks

  • Perk is a moron bruv!!!

  • THANK YOU MAX!!!!!

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  • I’m going with Philly. Both of these teams are good, but Joel Embiid has been superb the entire playoffs. He is going to wear down Atlanta, and that’s why Atlanta will fall. However, I have The hawks winning one more game so the series will be 4-2 76ers

  • Seriously why is Perk still on this show? this fool is inconsistent. Has zero credibility. Hate watching when he starts talking.

  • as long as Embiid is playing, Sixers win this series.

  • Sixers

  • Max should attack Perk's credibility the same way Perk does it to him every day...smh. Perk just became an analyst and always downplays Max. Henever jhad a very high basketball IQ as a player. Gimme a break

  • Perk is wrong here... 76ers in 6

  • Lemon pepper Lue hit different in Atlanta

  • i thought Memphis was going to win after winning game 1 lmaooooo Mr. Perkings

  • Perk you can't keep talking so big when your wrong every time 😅🤣🤣

  • Perk a smart man the hawks was in the game until the 4th quarter they had sum turnovers which led to them being down

  • i said it before, the sixers will beat the hawks even without embiid, the sixers are way too strong, BUT, i always said, for years now, (being a sixers fan) they have a ceiling, they won't win a championship because simmons is way too timid, embiid is injury prone to the point of being a woman, but at least he dominates with points, simmons either does it now in the playoffs or i don't ever want to hear another person say he's elite, 4 pts? in game 2? yes his defense on young was nice, BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?? he can't do both? he can't score points because he's playing defense? sixers win series but lose next series

  • Like why is perkins still here?? He has the most terrible.. like really terrible, terrible takes....

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  • I ecpect the Sixers to win in 6 but i won't be surprised if we win

  • "Giving you free game when I should be sending you my CashApp so I can charge you" LMFAO

  • Fly Hawks Fly 🕊️🕊️

  • Lmfao

  • Kendrick Perkins sure likes to disagree with Max a lot, but he’s ALL OVER THE PLACE with his “analysis” and predictions.

  • I can tell perk really likes max, he just disagrees with all his takes.

  • If Simmons could shoot the 3 I think the conversation would be much different concerning them! The 76ers need a little more firepower.

  • Sixers

  • I'm not a hawks fan but I mean yea Philly have the top seed but ATL didn't start playing there best ball till after the coaching change... they have enough shooters where they can atleast make Philly sweat and nervous i hope it goes to 7 games as a basketball fan you love it to go 7 who ever steps up wins...

  • molly is so cute 😍

  • perkins all year had sixers going to the finals lmao now he switching up

  • So KP you gone ignore the fact that Ben Simmons put the clamps on trae young

  • ESPN literally just needed someone to argue for the Hawks to have a timeslot 😭😭😭

  • When max said : we do this on the max kellerman show: that hurt perks heart

  • I like perk but this take is just bad

  • I’m so intrigued to watching next seasons transfers

  • Perk facial reaction at 6:31 killed me omg 😂😭😭😭

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  • Lol yall trusting max with sports takes lol

  • Embid had 40 and almost lost and ben and Danny ain't been doing anything it took a bench player to bail out the 76ers lol

  • Either one is gonna loose the next round

  • Take perk off “first take” sixers in 5 FOH

  • I wonder what game Perk was watching

  • The “best player on the planet” changes every night lmao.

  • Perk literally tries so hard to copy Stephen A😂

  • “Jokic wins MVP” Embiid: and I took that personally

  • Ryan Hollins>Kendrick Perkins

  • Max is just trolling Perk at this point🤣 Bring Stephen A back

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  • Highlight factory

  • sixers in 5

  • The media loves to be bias against the Sixers

  • Max playeddd 😂😂😂😂

  • Sixers in 7

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  • Perkins got more fat than brains

  • bruh perkins is useless in both the nba and ESPN

  • lol Do too what perk? 4:15