Nikola Jokic or Deandre Ayton: Who will be more important in Game 2? | First Take

Published on Jun 9, 2021
Nikola Jokic or Deandre Ayton: Who will be more important in Game 2? | First Take
Max Kellerman and Kendrick Perkins debate whether NBA MVP Nikola Jokic or Phoenix Suns star Deandre Ayton will be more important in Game 2.

0:00 Perks says Deandre Ayton.
2:00 Max says Jokic is the most important player.
4:00 Perk says Ayton has to continue to play with high energy in Game 2.

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  • Haha, what a question!!!

  • Of course its jokic. Hes the league MVP. Jokic doesn't have that much helped compared to Ayton

  • Hey the Suns won game 2....anybody wanna argue wit Perk now?? Lol Ayton is more important and now you can kiss the Nuggets goodbye they have no chance. The Suns are the most complete team in the league with the Jazz a close 2nd

  • Ayton has been playing out of his mind during these playoffs. He's legit been the playing the best basketball of his career during what has been the most important games of his young career up to this point.

  • ...and Perk was right ✅ Suns killed Nuggets 123-98. Chris Paul the MVP of the series..carry on

  • Looks like Perk nailed it.

  • 顿宝

  • I think Perk got this one

  • Max: shut your mouth and hold this L

  • Jokic is the most important because when Ayton dominates him, the Nuggets are done.

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  • Max just crashed Perk's point

    • Max is an idiot.. this didn't age well🤣

  • Bring back Ryan hollin

  • AYTON GONNA EAT THE JOKER ALIVE! !!!!!!....... LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!....... 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪!!!!!!!....... 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊!!!!!!!....... TIME TO GET THAT RING!!!!!!!....... 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆!!!!!!!

  • Devin Booker is the most important player in this series.

  • Perkins is terrible at basketball debates

  • I’d actually watch this show more if it was Perk and not SAS

  • I find myself looking for the mute button when Max talks. Im i alone? Is it just me ??


  • Ayton reminds me of Tim Duncan, but more athletic

    • @martin espuma facts

    • That’s what I been saying! He’s the closest thing we’re gonna see to Tim. calm never aggressive and goes in and out Ayton will last forever playing like that

  • max is too smart for perk please stop pairing them

  • “Especially in game 1” There has only been one game.

  • Max schooled Perk soooo bad😂😂💀

    • Lmao Max still lost 😂 Perk was right

  • They call themselves “analysts” yet they don’t know how to do their job. Jokic when guarded by Ayton: 11 points, 5-14 fg, 1-3 from 3 and 1 turnover.

  • I'm not saying he don't deserve the MVP basis on the team record and stats sheets the regular season MVD basis on regular season number even if the Denver choke the trophy already hand out

  • If DA can match Jokic this series will be over quickly

  • Idk how stupid Perk actually is, there is a really simple answer to the question, if Jokic plays bad Denver automatically lose, if Ayton plays bad they still have CP3 and Devin Booker to bail them out. So Jokic is more important, plain and simple

  • Perk is the next skip bayless

  • Suns in 5

  • Why does this show constantly have to pick the opposite side of the argument just to argue? It's f****** annoying

  • No one talks about the disrespect to Kobe only winning 1 MVP, he was the best player in basketball for at least 5 years solid and only 1 MVP? Smh love me some Nash but how I’m the fooook does he have 2.

  • Perk over exaggerating with him saying Ayton has dominated Jokic. Matched him if anything.

  • DominAyton!!!!

  • The Serbian Warlord will dominate.

  • Finally Mark Bryant getting recognition.

  • Max is so dumb

  • no way they rly ask dumb questions like this

  • I wanna hear ryan hollins opinion on this matter.

  • Ayton is Batman stopping the joker 🤣

  • This is disrespectful... Jokic just won MVP and the only thing First Take said about him was a dumb discussion about him vs Ayton... This is mad disrespectful

  • Max literally said Ayton has played well against Jokic and AD and Perk got all sensitive when Max mentioned AD lmao

  • Max be killin big Perk 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hold up Max Lakers better then nuggets and Ayton held it down. Now this not Portland were they going to let Jokic get off Jokic gotta work against Ayton and Jokic is tired

  • I like Jokic but i can't say he MVP caliber because he only play one side on court and that offense

  • Ayton can dominate these nuts in his mouth.

  • Perk is right on this one

  • lol@ trying to compare jokic to ayton. ayton aint about s**t without all the pressure on cp3 and booker. jokic is 4 times a better player than this cat. perk...chil out with that yayoo man.

  • Looks like Perkins wants to kill Max when he talks

  • It's interesting how conveniently no one mentions that Joker shot zero free throws in that game. How does a man who pounds the ball in the paint not pick up at least ONE free throw attempt? Ayton fouled Joker all night. Ayton also didn't pick up his first foul until halfway through the 4th. Gee, I wonder if that might have affected Joker's shooting. NBA refs are biased pieces of garbage.

  • I am the only person who doesn´t like Perk? my god... he is irritating

  • Perk really been wrong all day 😂

  • We just witnessed a live murder in 4K on ESPN. Someone get this man Max lmao

  • I dk if Max should be allowed to bring up Iguodala in arguments any more... 😂

  • Max clearly lost. Ayton killed Jokic in game 1

  • Jokic managed to beat the Blazers with no other stars around him and with 2 injured starters out. Ayton isn’t even the 2nd best player on his team. Why is this even an argument?

  • They can't stop disrespecting Jokic, man.

  • Max's therapist must be a rich person

  • win or lose jokic gonna be a beast ,thats for sure

  • "Now youre gonna sit there and figure out how you lost another argument", perk makes max look like Stephen A when these two pair up

  • Perk losing every argument today. On God💫

  • What world y’all in cause Max got smoked

  • Max you tried!! But you just gave us a show of Kendrick Perkins smoked you.. Suns in 5!! But if we win game 3 we could sweep them!!

  • Max your about crazy.. Ayton is the best player after game 1!! Also Perkins is right here he wore Joker down!! Also Ayton had 20-10 yes Joker had 23-7 of Ayton shows up tonight like he did in game 1 The Suns will win in game 2.. Max joker might been the dam mvp but the fact is that if Ayton wears him down this will be a long series for Denver.. Guess what Max you are lost cause no one is worried about the Lakers.. You can stand you have been Eliminated round 1..

  • He’s finna show y’all why he’s mvp tonight

  • Perk argument is that Jokic isn’t that good lol

  • Perk can’t rely on the “we brothas, white boy don’t know basketball” to win a debate when SAS checks out.

    • @M P Truth. You feel some type of way for a reason.

    • Right. just ignorant

  • Max didn't have to snap on Big Perk like that 😆😆

  • I’m sorry Ayton is more important to me he needs to stop jokic to win the whole series

  • I think the guy who thought the Grizzlies were gonna win in 6 needs a drug test

  • Jokic was just off he’s going to work ayton tonight!!!

  • We need a new staff on first take scratch ALL these mfs

  • Man, Perks logic is outta this world... Like he never played, looking like he takes Xanax before each clip...

  • 260th comment Molly is cute

  • Max & Jokic got something in common today... MVPs 😭 Perk gettin it! lol

  • Why is he bringing Andre Iguodala every time😂😂

  • Shame on ESPN. This was like 4th subject talk about no congrats to Jokic for MVP. They just showed clip of him getting mvp and then Perk started talking about how Ayton dominated Jokic..gtfohm. ESPN clearly racist AF and can't stand a white European getting award. America racist no doubt, blacks be just as racist as white folks.

  • Max a coward for not acting like this with SAS. Even when he wins he lets him treat him like a fool.

  • Perk been getting whooped all day. Makes a great point about Ayton though. He has been surprisingly dominant when you needed it and has risen to the occasion.

  • Max showing off when Stephen A ain’t here

  • I actually agree with perk. If Ayton plays solid defense and gets his 20 and 10 the suns sweep the series because the nuggets can’t match the production from the suns backcourt. Jokic can score 40 and they still might not win the game

  • Jokic has to destroy ayton for the nuggets to win the series

  • I'm tired of clicking the thumb nail expecting Stephen A. and I keep getting this fool Perkins😡 stop trying to force me to watch him ESPN🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Why does he always need to bring up Igudala

  • Ayton played good defense but jokic was just missing easy jumpers and layups

  • at 6:05 you can hear max trying to not laugh at perk the way he dominated him today.

  • The Suns are a problem

  • I swear Perk is trying to be Stephen A. It's so funny 🤣🤣👏

  • They need to get Perk outta there. He argues against himself. “We’re not talking about AD” meanwhile max was highlighting how good Ayton was against AD. So uneducated

  • Max been killing perk all day 😂

    • This didn't age well lol

    • Fax

    • I usually don't agree with either one of them when talking basketball so I say it was tied today. Perks accent is what hurts him💯just my opinion. Max can't ever stay on topic.🤣

    • @J Griff 😭

    • The English language been killing Perk his whole life

  • It's tiring to hear Perk speak. He's not built for debates, he turns salty and start getting personal every time he's cornered. Shut up Perk!

  • Max cant miss today hes been killing Perk

  • Perks right

  • If I was Ayton, I'd make a point to shut down Jokic now. If you shut down the MVP that says alot.

  • Max we love you but sometimes you just talk a lot of 💩😂🤣

  • If Ayton has a great game you know the suns win, if Jokic has a great game you still dont know

  • ESPN are fools for putting Perkins on the air. One of the stupidest takes I've ever heard. If he wants to say this is a different ball game playing against the Suns because they play defense, let me remind you that Jokic put up numbers against Utah and the Clippers last year in the playoffs, two of the better defensive teams in the league. Just keep watching, Jokic will have some monster games in this series. The Suns may very well win this series, but I guarantee you it will have nothing to do with Deandre Ayton "dominating" Jokic LMAO.

  • I love how dumb is Perkins.

  • The fact that Giannis has more mvp than Kobe and Jokic tied Kobe is ridiculous

  • Perkins was talking this same smack against the Nuggets against the Blazers .. then what happened .. ?? These dudes have these takes them when it doesn’t come true you never hear about it again

  • What perk? i hope you got paid extra to say that