How is MLB planning to address foreign-substance use by pitchers? | Get Up

Published on Jun 9, 2021
Buster Olney joins Get Up to report on the latest efforts to curtail foreign substance use in baseball.
0:00 Olney says it's been no secret that pitchers use foreign substances, but feels since offensive numbers are down, the issue is taking center stage.
0:55 How does a foreign substance crackdown compare to the steroid scandal in baseball?
2:05 What happens next? What kind of enforcement is likely by umpires?

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  • No mid season change.

  • The key word here is "illegal". Why do they let go "illegal" activities for so long? Just use the Rosin bag, as everyone should be on an equal platform. I guess over the years MLB treated pitchers' "illegal" actions in the same way the left views the "illegal" immigrant

  • It's only a problem because the owners and people in power don't like what they're seeing when it comes to the bottom line.

  • Buster doesn’t get it. The foreign substances he mentioned are used to enhance grip and thus control over the baseball. These new foreign substances are specially made to enhance the spin rate of the ball giving pitchers more control and more breaking action on their pitches.

  • How ever you want to look at its still cheating lol sounds like a yankee fan making excuses and yea every team cheats

  • People been doing this for decades. Nothing new here

  • This conversation keeps being had year after year - nothing is new here... Going to be interesting hearing about Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer + the change in the game.

  • 68th comment

  • This game was built on cheating that’s what made the game entertaining

    • @araymond1able my comment was cheating made the game popular what is your argue??

    • @Naquan Dixon cheaters hitting home runs on illegal, banned drugs. Read the rule book. No need to go any further. It's like running a red light on purpose. Like shooting yourself up with drugs before an event. It is not only cheating but illegal by law in some cases. Who says it is popular when you have to pay $25 for a parking spot, $4-5 bucks for a 10 cent bottle of water. Players cheating making 100+ million dollars. You pay, I don't no longer.

    • @araymond1able in an era when baseball wasn’t a popular sport what raised the ratings??

    • @araymond1able Barry bonds also hit 73 HRs in a season

    • So when you are keeping a score book do you note: That 2-2 pitch was out of this world. Batter swung and missed by a mile. Chalk another one up with the Pelican Grip Dip sticky stuff. Cole had 108 pitches with 67 of them doctoring the baseball.

  • This was supposed to end years ago when Gaylord Perry was pitching. He was sort of grandfathered in. Now to our surprise after all of this using performance enhancing drugs they are caught again cheating. I guess it's really not a surprise. Million dollar players and need to cheat to make more money. Sure we saw players here and there being caught with sandpaper and other things on the underside of the hat which they touched to cheat on the next pitch. Now we find out most players are just outright cheating and have zero conscious. I am 75% out of sports watching this past decade. So the Astros stole signs which every time does from the coaching boxes, bases (on 2nd base) and dugout since they played Baseball. If you are stealing signs one way or another it turns out the same. You stole them, period. When there is something in life to be won humans will steal, cheat or whatever to get it. Life.

  • They need to be suspended asap

  • Sadly this is why I don’t follow baseball a lot. No reason to cheat. Get juice. Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and legends like this were all natural

    • There are a million reasons to cheat. It's called money. It's what humans do.

  • Feels like the only time baseball gets media coverage is when there is a scandal. Such a majestic sport lost.

    • That’s sadly pretty true. Only other thing I’ve seen about baseball recently is that one dude who pitches and hits dingers

  • Expect Gerrit Cole to return to an ordinary pitcher sporting a 4.25 ERA. Once again, GM Brian Cashman got fleeced by cheaters (Cole, A-Rod).

  • I honestly think they need to just pick a universal substance that everyone is allowed to use 🤷🏽‍♂️ Accurately throwing a doctored ball is HARDER than throwing a clean one.

  • Wait get up is not talking about football and talking About baseball WHAT

  • Is crazy how much backlash the Astros got for cheating but you see how quiet Yankees and Dodgers fans have been about this subject that their pitchers are using hypocrites

  • Wow, cheating in Baseball. Who would’ve expected that? 💁‍♂️

  • Leave them alone. Baseball is so boring. Let them use steroids and pine sap and all that

  • If it honestly wasn't from various USdosrs exposing it and making it a big deal, would the mlb have actually done anything?

  • Ah baseball. The only sport that fully supports cheating

  • People knew about steroids too lol why should this be treated differently? Throw the hammer at them.

  • Buster Olney 🐐

    • Buster🤡

  • Pitchers have been dominant too long so this is good check on these pitchers.

  • This will be good fir the Yankees, strangely... the batters will be better and they will win more games overall, even if Cole only wins 15 games...

  • baseball is dying at a dramatic rate. last world series was the worst ratings since the 1960s

  • Don't know why yall love this trash sport lol

  • Let batters use steroids, let’s pitchers use the sticky stuff. It’s what the fans want

  • These pitchers better be careful Cos this could affect some people's HOF cases

    • When you are making 200+ million you think they even care. Cheat and make more money. Pete Rose bet on sports and never cheated on his 4000+ hits. So he is banned while players are outright cheating on most every pitch. I say caught once you fined $50 grand and out one or two starts. Caught twice you out 30-60 days and forfeit your right to enter the HOF. Plus all the time out you do not get your 4 million a month you out.

  • So everyone cheating... always have always will

    • Watching a pitching battle is boring AF tho. Give the hitters steroids like the good ol days 😂

  • Lame 🙃

  • Not a real sport

  • So basically baseball is a game of cheats? Sign stealing, steroids, and foreign substances

    • NFL football isn’t better with Deflategate, Spygate, PEDs, etc.

    • @Kenyatta Clay saltier than a box of saltines

    • @D'Angelo Russell so am I. Just a couple of years ago New Orleans was accused of having bent rims.

    • @Kenyatta Clay I’m asking about in recent history tho

    • @D'Angelo Russell look up what the Celtics used to do in the old Garden, bent rims, deflating basketballs. There are dozens of other ways also that also involve PEDs.

  • Same as foreign substance used by hitters

  • This is one of the many reasons baseball is dying.

    • @ALYoungFuture wth

    • @Stefan Kovacevic Game 7, 1991 Braves @ Twins. Game six, 1977 Dodgers @ Yankees.

    • @Kenyatta Clay so do you reccomend anything, any particular events

    • @Stefan Kovacevic Millions of people used to watch including myself so yes it was.

    • Baseball es dying because Specifically North American African/Americans are not playing the game. Mostly European descent and Caribbean’s dominate

  • You will still see some try to get away with it. It’s not gonna stop them from doing it.

    • They are supposed to do random checks during the game so hopefully that helps but I agree that they always find a way to cheat anyway

  • DeGrom?

    • deGrom is a unique case of a shortstop with a rocket arm converted late in his career to a pitcher. Time will tell if his stats take a turn, but I don't see it happening. He is that far above the rest in velocity, location, the drive and smarts.

    • The reason why pitchers use substance is to increase spin rate but DeGrom spin rate is not that insane. His spin rate is like 77th out of all pitchers. What make DeGrom special is his fastball! He pitches 75% of his fastball and average 100 mph. Plus substance doesn't increase speed, so he's not cheating. COMMON SENSE!

    • @Jarvis Ok.

    • He ain’t cheating 🤣

  • Whites always cheat in athletics

  • Hmmm